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Dynamic Kong contains many actions. Some are very hard and some are gentle and very quiet.

Breathing method and the way to maintain consciousness are different from Tai Chi Kong and Shaolin Kong. In most of Chi Kong, it is important to ghold your consciousnessiӎjh. gHold your consciousnessh means you concentrate your consciousness at the particular point of your body.

While performing most of Chi Kong actions, I instruct you to ghold your consciousnessh at the center of your head (Dۋ{) or so called at the point of your third eye (hypothalamic area) and then breathe.

If you donft ghold your consciousnessh, what you do only be an exercise. Effect of Chi Kong is different if you ghold your consciousnessh or not. Essence of doing Chi Kong is actually to ghold your consciousnessh.

1. Shuei Shaou@
According to the legend, Shuei Shaou is said to be the secret of martial art from ancient China. This method brings you health by performing the simple action repeatedly. For it is a very simple and easy method, many people do it.
1.1 Shuei Shaou forward
You can release your negative Chi. It can be categorized as greleasing Kongh.
*It is also called as gSeishu 1h in the book.
1.2 Shuei Shaou backward
You can collect outer positive Chi into your body. It can be categorized as gredeeming Kongh.
*It is also called as gSeishu 2h in the book.
1.3 Wheeling Shuei Shaou
This method maintains the balance of greleasingh and gredeemingh Kong.
2. Daijou Happou Kongou Zen (攪T)
By repeatedly move your spine, your inner Chi will move up and down, left to right, inside to outside and front to the back. Technically, such actions are also called glifth, gdownh, gopenh and gcloseh in China. You can easily collect outer Chi by doing this Kong.
* It is written as gDaijou Happou Kongou Kongh in the book.
3. Crane Kong
Imitate the posture of crane drinking water. Deep reverse abdominal respiration is a characteristic feature of this Kong. It is one of the most typical meridians breathing Chi Kong.

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Written on January 9, 2007

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