PDWhat is Secret Chi Kong method?

> Chi Kong Revolution@@PD What is Secret Chi Kong method?

@Chi Kong is a training method relating to life and energy from universe. If you learn good Chi Kong method, there are cases that even at the beginner level of Chi, you find special effect of Kong.

gSecret Chi Kongh is not the name of the style of Chi Kong. gSecreth means that it is hard to learn. Very special and good Chi Kong was not taught to public in the past.

So called good Chi Kong method requires gKong methodh and gKong logich. Chi Kong styles you learn here are all traditional methods that selected people had trained since ancient China. And I had a privilege to be taught by many masters of Chi Kong in China directly. I have not changed or add my taste to traditional Chi Kong. They are purely traditional methods and I guarantee that it is safe to learn if you follow my guidance.

Chi Kong will lead you to have sensory experience. It trains your sense. You cannot simply read it and study it from the paper. You need to learn special breathing and consciousness by meeting your master face to face.

It is very important to study Chi Kong with right purpose and motivation. And it is also very important to do Chi Kong every day spending good enough time.

It is better not to do it if you donft believe in the effect of Chi Kong or if you think you will give it up right away. I recommend you to be well prepared to start it.

If you want to explore your undeveloped health and capability, why donft you join us?

Comment was written by Master Sei on October 1, 2006.

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