Profile of Master Shen He Yang (or Sei Kakuen) (@߉)

> Cv@@Profile of Master Shen He Yang (or Sei Kakuen) (@߉)
Sei Kakuen was born in Shanghai, China in 1945.

Master Sei started Chi Kong from 5 years old influenced by the grandfather who had been training Shaolin Kanfu (ьv). And then, he started learning Chi Kong seriously from 10 years old. Learned Tai Chi KongiɌj, Shin I KongiSӌj, Shaolin Kongiьjand Tough Chi Kong (dC=Sߕž Iron Shirt Chi Kongjand Gentle Chi Kong(C).

Graduated from Shanghai Medical SchooliCsqwZmǁj and worked as Psychiatrist (Western Medicine) for 16 years at Shanghai Medical Health CenteriCs_qZ^[j. While working as a Psychiatrist, he was also trained at Shanghai First Medical School of Neurology Kazan Hospital iw@؎R@]ȁjand Shanghai Kato Normal University in PsychologyiCsؓt͑wSnj. He continued training Chi Kong while working.

Since 1980, he worked as an editor and writer of the gShanghai Public Health NewsiwCOqxjh of WHO Health Education and medical News Publisher(vgnqwV) for seven years. There was a big boom of Chi Kong in China then, so he had opportunities to visit many famous masters of Chi Kong all over China and directly learned their secret methods. Names of masters arehiMaster ofjAѐiSenior master of `jApƁiPupil of RjA`iPupil of lBĐjAmiPupil of Ȉ, Master of wTjA㌳iLast pupil of ḐjAjiMaster of ʋCjANwŁiCalligrapher, Chi Kong CalligraphyjAiwTjA؁AgVA_iSecret Police of m♁jAiʼnƋCjA@؁iEPupil of c in ShanghaijAIAS֗ and others. Pursue to obtain various Chi Kong such as ʼnƁECAʼnƁE_MiMjAƁESߕžAƁEԊҌAʼnƁEʋCAڌAʼnƁEAƁE嗬V. He became a member of Shanghai Chi Kong Science Academy since 1983.

Came under spotlight in 1984, performed Chi Kong calligraphy demonstration at the Shanghai Gymnastic Hall collected approximately 3000 people. The spectacular was shown via Shanghai Broadcasting Television and Shanghai Chi Kong Science Academy and program was repeatedly shown in China. He had performed Chi Kong calligraphy demonstration in many of the official events and also performed at Japan-China Youth Event.

He was invited by Japanese healthcare experts to perform Chi Kong calligraphy and came to Japan in August 1987. He has been teaching Secret Chi Kong in Japan since then. Visited United States, responded the invitation of Los Angels Chi Kong Association in 1991. Visited France in 1993, 1994 and 2003 invited by French medical group. Interviewed by French TV channel and EC TV channel and program was broadcasted in France and Germany. He held a lecture of gHuman Science of Eastern Medicineh at Waseda University, Human Science Dept. in May 1993 in Japan. Presently, he commits himself to disperse Secret Chi Kong in many cities in Japan and overseas by holding Chi Kong workshop and classes.

There are many fans of Master Sei in sporting world and entertainment scenes.
Member of Shanghai Chi Kong Science Academy,
Member of Shanghai Psychological Association, as a Doctor.
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